Volunteers Needed

Hey team!

We created this channel to help us find members that are willing to volunteer their time and help us with the many tasks that go on behind the scenes.

  1. @????‍♀️Discord Moderator????‍♂️ Focuses on making sure that our Discord members are in a safe and judgement free environment, tailored for your personal growth!
  2. @????‍????Education????‍???? Focuses on getting those highly valuable lessons to the UT community!
  3. @????Research ???? (Need finance background) Focuses on diligently providing only the best alerts based on solid fundamentals and technicals!
  4. @????‍????Web Dev/IT????‍???? Focuses on building a website.
  5. @????Design???? Focuses on making sure our content to meet our quality standards.
  6. @????Audio/Video???? Focuses on making sure our content to meet our quality standards.
  7. @????Marketing???? Focuses on getting our content to the largest audience possible.
  8. @????Alert Transcriber???? Focuses on providing the alerts called out in Live Trading Voice Chat in text form.
  9. @????‍♂️Stream Moderator????‍♀️ Focuses on sure that our social media pages maintain a safe and judgement-free environment
  10. @????Authors???? Focuses on moving the content in United Traders to our website in order to make our Discord more user friendly (i.e., less channels)
  11. @Recruitment Focuses on onboarding new members to their respective teams in a smooth, hassle-free process.
  12. @????️‍♀️Mentors????‍???? Focuses on coaching & supporting growth, development and ultimately the success of UT members.
  13. @Leaderboard Focuses on tracking members progress on a daily basis and updating the scoreboard.
  14. @Quality Assurance Focuses on making sure the contents published are up to UT standards.
  15. @Project Managers Focuses on the execution of specific projects and their co-relation to being on time, on budget and within scope.
  16. @UT Advocates Focuses on sharing & promoting UT in social media platforms.



United Traders is recruiting! We are looking for members to join the Scribes Team, who are tasked with writing down the alerts that Shot Callers mention on voice. Scribes also write those same alerts into a Google Sheet that the team tracks. Scribes must have 3.25 hours of availability each week. Scribes must also have trading experience and familiarity with market terminology.

If you are interested in the Scribes role, please submit your application. Volunteers have extra benefits like immediate access to Voice Chat, and after some time, access to the premium channels, including the Research Team's premium DD.


The Alert Transcriber role (8) and the Stream Moderator role (9) have been combined. As such, the newly labeled Stream Moderator role is responsible for both monitoring the Twitch stream to ensure a safe and judge free environment and scribing the alerts called out in Live Trading Voice Chat in text form onto both a google sheet and in the united trades channel.

As mentioned in Announcements…The exec team has added a new incentive for becoming a Stream Mod (the combined Alert Transcriber and Stream Mod Role mentioned above). The team has decided to offer this role a faster track to Elite status…

That is, while other team roles usually need to wait anywhere from three to six months to earn Elite status? We will be offering the Elite role to all of our scribe team members after a six week waiting period (with at least six completed shifts) ..

Obviously, the shifts need to be real shifts..not training ones.. and the new member has to show effort…The elite role will be yours to keep as long as you are on our stream mod team!