Stop Worshipping Societies Norm

In the realm of our modern society, one cannot help but observe the pervasive abundance that surrounds us. It is a world teeming with offerings and opportunities, where the choices we make are often influenced by the prevailing norms dictated by society at large.

Remove the shackles

Cease your love of society’s norms, for they are but shackles constraining your success. Cease your futile attempts to conform and fit within predetermined molds, driven by a desire to appease a society that holds no genuine significance. It is a lamentable truth that a vast portion of your wealth dwindles away due to frivolous expenditures, squandered on inconsequential individuals or items. All this, simply to conform and fit in. Should you neglect to rectify this underlying truth, success shall forever elude your grasp.

Allow me to share a revelation that has proven invaluable in my own journey—a contemplation upon the compounding returns of the wealth acquired through trading. Ponder the possibilities that unfold when one envisages the grandeur of substantial acquisitions made possible by the compounded returns.

Let us engage in a brief mathematic exercise:

Imagine, over the span of your lifetime, transforming a mere $1 into a staggering $1,000 in the course of 20 years. What do you have to do to accomplish this goal.
First step: Find how much you need to earn each year as a percentage to achieve this goal.

The answer is 36.08%

I am assuming your a trader that doesn’t hold a position over 1 quarter. Which is why we are compounding at a Quarterly basis. In our community we have multiple examples more members that are able to do this in a shorter time period but I went with what the average trader with 3 years experience should be able achieve.

Undoubted Realization

With this profound realization, I implore you to adopt a newfound perspective.

Whenever you contemplate a purchase, subject the item’s price to rigorous scrutiny—multiply it by a factor of one hundred. Assess whether you still possess the desire to possess it, if you remain willing to pay the true cost of your expenditure, Go for it.

Therefore, I beseech you, why squander your resources in the present? Embrace the wisdom of patience and delayed gratification, for the future holds far greater promise.

The value of one’s achievements cannot be solely measured by the fruits they bear, but rather by the profound dedication and effort invested in their realization.