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United Traders

Who are we? We're a diverse group of traders from all walks of life. We're working professionals, we're students, we're gamers, we're artists, and we're so much more. 

What do we do? We work together to be consistently profitable. We provide and share fundamental and technical analysis, we discuss and identify strategies, and we provide lessons and resources.

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25,000+ Traders and Counting

We are better. Together.

United Traders is a group of over 25,000 traders, all working collectively to reach financial goals and build a community of great traders and friends! United Traders goal is to maintain a trading live community providing an environment where traders can share trade ideas, strategies and promote financial growth by helping each other progress. Our vision is to deliver the highest quality of care and superior returns across all disciplines of the capital markets in a diligent and prudent manner to inspire the next generation of professional investors.

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Hedge fund level fundamentals and market timing

The United Traders Approach: A Professional, Proprietary Trading and Investing Experience

Teamwork enables us to have more eyes on the market, its catalysts, and relevant filings. We have a team of highly skilled quants, CFA's, MBA's, CPA's, finance experts, and coders, all working together to get the highest value trades with high conviction.


What Our Members Say


On Discord

I first joined UT a couple years ago, but wasn't fully invested so I left to do my own thing. I joined back a few months ago after going through self teaching, researching, etc.. After joining, I decided to up my position sizes and lost money. Thanks to the UT team, I used resources found all over this group, others opinions and teachings, and have been successfully trading since. UT provides priceless information, through their knowledge guides, live lessons, live trading, and more. No one here wants someone else to fail, and that's a trait you don't find often.


On Discord

I cannot say enough on how much the UT group has helped my trading. Everything from different trading strategies, psychology of trading/traders, when to enter trades, what to look for to exit a trade and how to let your winners keep running. I have been trading for years but with UT I still learn something every week or fine tune something with my trading strategy. The groups stock picks are unbiased and based on analysis and not BS “its going to the moon” crap you get in so many chat groups. If people ask me how they can go to learn to trade stocks, I simply tell them go to the United Traders Discord chat, you will have everything and more to learn to how to become an independent and successful trader. Props to everyone in the UT group!


On Discord

Was trading on and off for about 4 years, never being consistent and really only just losing money, blew up 3 accounts over the years. Came here looking for some guidance and certainly have found it. My equity curve has gone from a gradual decline to a flat section, and am now slowly gaining back all those losses. It feels good! I stopped trying to day trade the "hot penny stock" of the day and now just swing trade my watchlist of mid caps and blue chips with the group. Super helpful tips, the call outs are great and everyone is super friendly and willing to help when its needed. Very grateful for this group! Will be back in the green and on my way to financial freedom in no time.